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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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What to look for

When hiring a great Keynote or Seminar speaker, look for the following:

  1. Are they good story tellers? Employees and staff learn a great deal from stories. They get bored with facts and figures and prefer the humanness of stories.

  2. Is their message profound? In other words, does the Speaker's message create an on-the-spot transformation of thought for participants?

  3. Is the Speaker giving them concrete tools? Participants are looking for tangible facts, solid tools or keypoints that will make a real difference in their lives.

  4. Is the Speaker leaving them with a call to action? Great Speakers give their audiences homework. They send them away to do something beneficial which will improve their lives either at home or at work or both.


What makes Betska K-Burr rate among the best Professional Speakers in the World?

  1. Committed To Her Audiences

  2. Tailored To Her Audiences

  3. Practical, Real-World Speaker

  4. Veteran Professional Speaker - member of National Speakers Association since 1991.

  5. Energetic, Entertaining Speaker

  6. Easy to do Business with Highly Innovative Thinking Tools - award-winning tools.

  7. She Speaks from the Heart

  8. Is a Catalyst for Profound Successful lives at Home and at Work

  9. She is a Gifted Speaker with deep knowledge of Body, Mind and Spirit.


Betska's Commitment To Her Audiences
  1. Send the audience members away with actionable ideas.
  2. Assist the audience in becoming hugely successful and happy at home and at work.
  3. Give them an educational performance like they've never had before.
  4. Have all your guests say, "This is the best speaker I've ever heard!"


More Reasons to Hire Betska as Your Next Keynote Speaker or Seminar Leader

  1. Betska dedicates time, energy and motivation to stay on the cutting edge of her content.

  2. She researches each and every one of her clients to ensure she is meeting their needs.

  3. She adapts her program materials to suit each audience.

  4. She wants the Meeting Planners to "look good".

  5. Her content is simple, practical and easy to use and remember.

  6. CLI's tools are highly acclaimed. In 2003, CLI won a Business Award for Innovation.

  7. Betska's passion is to assist others in finding their own brilliance and their own peace.

  8. She spends much time daily being silent in order to access the highest creative centres in her brain ... acting as a role model for her audiences.

  9. Betska is an energetic, fast-paced speaker with strong content.


When we send the Speaker's Contract to you, we provide you with everything you need:
  1. Speaker's Introduction and Welcome
  2. Betska's Bio for your marketing material. Includes a picture.
  3. Summary of the program for your marketing material.
  4. Meeting Planner's Checklist of A/V equipment and set-up requirements.
  5. Research Questions.

Meeting Planners tell us that we are brutally organized! That makes your job easy. It gives us peace of mind knowing that you are being well looked after.

Email Betska or call +1 (250) 924-4545

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