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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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A Master's Program for Time Management

Identify the time stealers in your day using CLI's 'Master's Program for Time Management'. This program removes roadblocks and assists us to replace insecurities with self-confidence in order to better focus, prioritize & tackle tough projects first.

Have you heard the old saying
"It has taken me many years to become an overnight success!"

The reasons why people take years to become an overnight success are:

  1. They lack the ability to focus.

  2. They lack the ability to prioritize their day.

  3. They usually work on the easy projects first.

  4. They hit walls and roadblocks and

  5. They don't know what to do about them.

Key Success Factors of this Program:
The first key success factor of this program is that individuals use a special profile to analyze their current ability to manage time. This profile is a workshop in itself! Included in the profile are solid tips on how better prioritize, plan, analyze, schedule, delegate, eliminate procrastination and so on. The next and most important key success factor of the program is that participants prioritize their own time management issues and then learn and practise CLI's award-winning Mind-Kinetics® tools to turn these unconstructive habits and behaviours into permanent positive ones. The rewards are outstanding.

Major benefits of this program are:
Improved ability to focus
Improved ability to prioritize
You learn how to tackle tough projects first and
You know how to get yourself out of mental jams.

'A Master's Program for Time Management' is an all inclusive program which generates fast results because of the tools used which get to the root cause of our inability to effectively manage time. Specific modules of this program include:
  1. Profiling Tool(s) to determine an individual's ability to Set Goals, Prioritize, Analyze, Plan, Schedule, Delegate, Eliminate Procrastination and Time Teamwork.
  2. Multiple Tips on how to logically do all of the above!
  3. Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® tools are learned and practiced to remove the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical roadblocks we encounter around mastering our time.

This program includes most of the steps in 'Typical Approach' which you will find on the sidebar. The steps include personal one-on-one Power Coaching® and additional tele/web classes on specific areas of interest such as 'managing time to prevent encroachment on personal life'.

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