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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
CLI Mind-Kinetics® Coaching for Positive Thinking
Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Research proves that training combined with coaching makes the most efficient and effective use of HR dollars. Coaching and related services amount to a $1.8 billion industry - and is expected to grow at a rate of 52% annually.

  1. Public Personnel Management, Winter Edition, 1997: Executive Coaching as a Tool: Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency.
A study undertaken by Olivero, Bane, & Kopelman, published in "Public Personnel Management" Winter Edition, 1997, showed impressive results when comparing the effects of conventional managerial training alone vs. the same training followed by one-on-one executive coaching. The results clearly indicated increased improvement in all areas of management skills and responsibilities.
The study examined the effects the executive coaching in a public sector municipal agency. Thirty-one managers underwent a conventional managerial training program, which was followed by 8 weeks of one on one executive coaching. Training increased productivity by 22.4%. The coaching - which included goal setting, collaborative problem solving, practice, feedback, supervisory involvement, evaluation of end results, and a public presentation - increased productivity by 88%, a significantly greater gain compared to training alone.
  1. Time Magazine: September 25, 2000:
Play of the Day: Fostering employee loyalty in a tight labor market, companies are offering workers personal coaches as a tool to help them thrive.
The article focuses on what FORTUNE 500 companies are doing to retain top talent. Companies mentioned in the article include: IBM, Kodak, Dow Chemical, Marriott International, and Glaxo Wellcome. Abbott Laboratories is cited with having an in-house coaching program. Davis A. Thomas Fitzhugh, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School says, "Some data show the quality of the relationship between boss and subordinate is a major predictor of intentions to remain. Coaching - which can help managers talk with subordinates about their developmental needs - absolutely affects the relationship positively. And there's a big payoff."
  1. CLI says:
In yet another survey, coaching in a corporate environment showed dramatic results in the areas of Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Innovation, Customer Service, Productivity, Goal Setting - overall effectiveness improved 96%.

Organizations spend millions of dollars every year on training programs with very little return - usually only a small % of participants actually change behaviour and make significant productivity increases. Frustrated by such poor results, CLI took many years to research and develop thinking tools which accelerate the performance results of leaders, employees, children, families and communities. The science of Mind-Kinetics®, a process which stimulates use of both left and right hemispheres of the brain, raises both IQ and EQ for quick thinking, generation of innovative solutions and faster decision making. Mind-Kinetics also expedites our ability to take action. You have to experience it to believe it. The tools work every time

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