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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
CLI Mind-Kinetics® Coaching for Positive Thinking
Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Expected Results
What performance results would greatly benefit your organization? Rate your expected results from working with CLI. "10" would mean that you highly desire this result - it is greatly needed in your organization. Rate between 1 and 10 for each of the results below.
1. Consistent achievement of priority goals by The Leadership Team.
2. Higher competency levels first demonstrated by Leaders and then by their employees with respect to both people skills and general business skills.
3. Employees self coach to remove roadblocks and achieve their goals with greater ease.
4. All levels of personnel take personal responsibility for their relationships with others.
5. Much stronger relationships. People develop a deeper appreciation for each other. Tough employee issues like conflict and manipulation settle down.
6. Workplace wellness. Less stress, less sick time…
7. People stop blaming/judging self and others, and are more compassionate towards others.
8. People begin to see themselves better.
9. Greater harmony in the organization – stronger teams. A stronger sense of bonding occurs
10. Leaders and employees work smarter not harder.
11. People lose their fear of expressing themselves.
12. Increased trust and respect of self and others (including between management & staff).
13. Fewer negative thinking patterns… more positive, more focused, and more peaceful people.
14. Higher productivity. Leaders have effective performance management tools to assist self and others to develop innovative work style options and work life balance.
15. Employees enjoy coming to work.
16. More innovative ideas… all employees become more adept at bilateral thinking.
17. Greatly enhanced accountability. Better quality of work.
18. Dramatically improved communication horizontally and vertically.
19. Leaders develop a stronger E.Q…"Full Power" means maximizing the I.Q and E.Q.
20. Leaders become more supportive of each other and of the staff. Fewer power struggles.
21. More efficient and focused staff has the ability to reduce costs and/or meet budget expectations.
22. Higher Customer Service Index.
23. Other

Once you have completed the Corporate Assessment and this page, print them out and/or email them to us at Betska@coachingandleadership.com. We will then contact you to assist with a Plan of Action.

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