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Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Betska K-Burr, MPC, AMC
Victoria, BC, Canada

Anny Tenbult, PCPC, ASC
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Marty Chapman, PCPC,CGPC,PCM
Denver, Colorado, USA

Dr. Shivdasini Singh Amin : APC (IIC&M), ACC(ICF),MNLP, PCPC
Allahabad India

John Burr, Executive Coach, Life Coach
Victoria, BC, Canada

Joan A. Weston SCPC, CGPC
Victoria, BC, Canada

Janice Bernhard, SCPC
Courtenay, BC Canada (Vancouver Island)

Cathy McLellan, MA, SCPC

Gina Lemieux, B.Sc., SCPC
Victoria BC, Canada

Thiru Vengadam: SCPC, ACC

Pauline Daniel, CPC
Nelson BC, Canada

Crystal Willms, CPC
Saskatchewan, Canada

Sandora Anna Hedrich: CPC, GroupCPC
Orcas Island, WA USA

Catherine Armstrong, CPC
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Margaritka Kolcheva, Executive Coach, CEPC, MA
Sofia, Bulgaria

Tanya Sterling, CPC, BComm, CA, CSA, FDS
Victoria BC Canada

Akhilesh Bhandari: MBA,CPC, ACC
Pune, India

Maneesha Kapur : CPC, ACC (ICF), MBTI, DISC, Master NLP, EI Certified (Emotional Intelligence)
Gurgaon, India

Maria-Iris HOEPPE(Dinu)
Paris +La Roche Posay, France ; Bucharest, Romania

Mukund Prasad: Certified Power Coach,Master NLP Practioner,Practioner EQ Coach
Mumbai, India

Rallie Christova - Executive and Life Coach, CPC, ASC-IIC&M
Varna, Bulgaria

Floriana Cristea; CPC; M.A.Communication Science;
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Susan Sneath Life Balance Coach
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Andrea Strom-Rancourt, M.A., APC
Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada

Jennifer Langston, CPA CMA, APC
Calgary AB Canada

Milind Nagle : MBA, APC, ACC Executive Coach
Pune, India

Anna Mrozik, APC, CGPC
Whistler BC, Canada

Shweta HandaGupta, ACC, APC, Certified Executive, Life and CEO Coach,
New Delhi, India


Dr. Ashley G. Frank, Executive Coach
Johannesburg, South Africa

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