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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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Career Transition

The CLI Career Transition System is called a system because it covers many elements related to career change. Indeed, we believe that it is one of the most comprehensive career transition tools available on the market today. The system allows the Client to explore all areas and levels of their life and includes finding one's life/spiritual purpose and life review. This is important for two reasons:

  1. the Client will have learned so much from life in addition to their formal education that they may wish to change the direction of their career.
  2. once a Client determines and embraces their life/spiritual purpose, they may wish to change course in terms of how they serve the world.


  1. LIFE/SPIRITUAL PURPOSE:First, it is important to find one's life purpose. Incredible freedom comes when we know what our key contribution is to the planet. There are two parts to this process:
    a. Overall Life/Spiritual Purpose and
    b. Period Purpose (for the next 5-8 years).

  2. INTELLECTUAL JOURNEY: The all important portfolio gives a prospective employer a background of what we have accomplished in our lifetime primarily from a career point of view. The most important element of a portfolio is the resume. Grants for graduate students

  3. EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: Too often we look at life logically. But what about emotion? Too many people are in jobs that they don't like. If we follow our passion, we will be much happier in our work.

  4. LIFE REVIEW: Here we take a look at the various obstacles an individual has had to overcome in their lifetime in all 7 areas of their life! Next, we review the informal courses and workshops they have taken and review some of their personal learning such as hobbies, volunteer work etc.

  5. SUMMARY AND FINAL CLARITY!: This summary process ties in the other four segments. We address additional fears, emotions and other roadblocks to give the client as much clarity as possible in order for them to make a most positive choice.


CLI offers you the opportunity to conduct some of these segments on-line free of charge. The link below will take you to the Free Coaching Tools section of our site. Once you have agreed to the on-line license conditions, click on Career Transition System on the sidebar. You will be able to do the following segments free of charge:

  1. Overall Life/Spiritual Purpose

  2. Intellectual Journey

  3. Life Review


The three segments listed below require professional training. To complete the System and create a full plan for Career Transition, Choose Your CLI Power Coach who will assist you in determining:

  1. Your Period Purpose

  2. Emotional Response

  3. Summary and Final Clarity

Good luck!

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