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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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Complex Cases

Organizations continue to be faced with many complex cases such as discrimination, harassment, drug abuse, physical abuse and so on.

In the home we have severe health issues, abuse of all colours, substance abuse, behavioural issues, learning disorders and so on.

CLI has specialists who focus much of their attention on complex cases. They work in concert with the Client's therapist and family doctor to produce faster and more effective results for the Client. There are many reasons for our success in complex cases. One reason is our ability to assist the Client in determining the root cause of their behaviour. A second reason is our ability to assist the Client in permanently changing their behaviour. Nursing grants

Power Coaches who specialize in complex cases have many years of advanced training, have a superior intuitive ability and are great role models of "Characteristics of a Great Coach".

In cases where there is more than one person involved, the Power Coach must be trained in specific techniques for coaching one-on-one as well as Group Power Coaching and facilitation.

In reality, complex cases are not truly complex when one understands human nature.

To assist you in resolving complex cases, simply call +1 (250) 924-4545 or email us.

"Coaching and Leadership International Inc. generously donated their services to the Veselka Dance Association. Betska and John created a safe, non-judgmental environment, which was essential in order to work on the issues at hand. The exercises were very insightful and brought clarity and simplicity to what seemed to be a very overwhelming situation."
- Gloria Chojnacki, Past President

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