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Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Executive, Business and Life Coach Training

Coach Training FAQs

This page updated June 17, 2015.

  1. How is obtaining a coach certification beneficial?

    A coach certification from a coach training company is vital because it will prove to the world that you are coaching according to the ethics and core competencies of this industry. For example, coaching is about helping people go inside to find their own answers while consulting is about analysis and possible solutions. Mentoring is about giving advice. Counselors are more like archaeologists they help you dig into the past and usually spend quite a bit of time in the past to repair your life. People need to be clear on what service you are offering them.

    A coach certification from a coach training company is vital because they will give you a certificate that says you have met the standards of the industry.

    A coach certification from a governing body may be important to you if you wish to conduct Executive coaching work in corporate and government. In Requests for Proposal, corporate and government officials will often ask for a credential/accreditation from a governing body. For life coaching, as long as you have your certificate from a reputable coach training company, clients are usually not so concerned about a certificate from a governing body.

  2. What are the top 3 to 5 criteria a coach should consider when selecting a coach certification program and why?

    1. Select a program that can prove a high return on investment from their coaching methodologies because the industry is turning out some Coaches who have difficulty providing the client with top rated results. As the Coach you must be able to coach the client using life-changing coaching methodologies and tools and then help them measure their results at the end. This will more than guarantee you a business in coaching because clients like doing business with successful people.
    2. If you wish to be an Executive Coach, select a program that will train you to be both an Executive and Life Coach. Once an Executive develops trust with you, chances are they may need you to help them with their personal goals such as health, their relationship with their spouse/children and their spiritual life.
    3. Vitally important is for a program to show you how to coach at the subconscious level. 95-99% of our behaviours are operated by our subconscious mind. Our subcon is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind. Our limiting beliefs are located in our subconscious mind; therefore, a coach needs to know how to help a client find those limiting beliefs and then switch them to positive beliefs for permanent positive change.
    4. Clients want to maximize the value they receive from a Coach. Therefore, they want to feel like they have permanently shifted their beliefs, actions and patterns.

  3. There are a lot of coach certification programshow are our training programs different?

    The results are remarkable! With CLIs powerful, award-winning set of methodologies at your command, you, your organization and clients will prosper as you, now, address every challenge and goal at an entirely new level of thinking, that sparks innovation, insightful solutions, and clear action steps forward sparking profound positive change.
    • Largest Number of Coaching Methodologies in the Industry
    • Coach with Confidence and Effective Measurable Results (because your clients want to see High ROI)
    • Excel as an Executive AND/OR Life Coach (because Clients want both professional and personal support)
    • Coach on Ones Whole Life
    • Solve Tough Problems with Innovative Solutions
    • Coach at the Subconscious Level for Permanent Positive Change
    • Eliminate old Limiting Beliefs
    • Powerfully Shift Behaviours and Patterns
    • Contribute to Harmony, Peace and Purpose
    • Coach Groups of 2 2000+ with ease
    • Inspire Whole-Brain Genius Thinking
    • Become a Trainer/Facilitator of Corporate and Public Programs
    • Advanced Coaching Skills are also available for those who already have some training
    • Learn how to Build a Booming Business!

  4. What are the Vision and Goals of CLIs Coach Training and Certification Program?

    The Vision of the PMCK Coach Training Program is to inform the public at large about the power of thought. What we think we become is a Universal Law. This means that whatever fears or negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others, we will manifest. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for all ages to learn PCMK coaching and self-coaching methodologies to permanently turn their negative thoughts into positive ones.

    The Goals of CLI's PCMK Coach Training Program are:
    1. To provide new Coaches with the knowledge of the core competencies and ethics of the coaching industry;
    2. To provide new Coaches with scientifically engineered methodologies which create permanent positive behavioural change;
    3. To support you in the growth of your business as an entrepreneurial coach or, if you are an internal coach, to help you inspire all of your managers to have a 1-on-1 Coach and also learn coaching as an important leadership skillset.

  5. Who are CLI's Lead Instructors?
    • Betska K-Burr = International Head of Training
    • John Burr
    • Sandora Hedrich
    • Ramona Lacatus
    • Sue Simcox
    • Shivdasini S. Amin Singh
    • Anny Tenbult

  6. What are some of the Coach Training goals that I might achieve when I study CLI's PCMK Coach Training Program?

    Your goals might include:
    1. learn the Core Competencies and Ethics of the coaching industry;
    2. be very committed to your success by doing the required reading, self-coaching, buddy coaching and client coaching;
    3. be very committed to your own personal growth through coaching in order to be a role model for your clients they will see that you continue to use the PCMK coaching methodologies for your own miraculous growth;
    4. stick with the training go all the way to the top and become a Professional Certified Power Coach - you will have learned 80+ full session coaching methodologies for coaching mind, body and spirit.

  7. How is the CLI PCMK Power Coach Training Program delivered?

    One option is On-Site face-to-face coach training:
    Associate Power Coach Level students begin their journey with two introductory webinars 2 hours each.
    Here are the number of face-to-face training days for each full level of training:
    • Level 1: APC - Associate Power Coach = 4 days of face-to-face training
    • Level 2: CPC - Certified Power Coach = 4 days of face-to-face training
    • Level 3: SCPC - Senior Certified Power Coach = 4 days of face-to-face training
    • Level 4: PCPC - Professional Certified Power Coach = 4 days of face-to-face training.

    Following classroom training, On-site students of all levels attend Telementoring classes to hone their coaching skills further with a CLI Instructor listening and giving feedback.

    A second option is Distance Learning coach training:
    All of the levels mentioned above are also taught via distance learning. Students who prefer to study via distance learning attend two classes per week with each class being two hours in length. Most classes are conducted over the web or phone; however, beginners of the APC program attend 13 webinars to more effectively cover the definition of coaching, philosophy of coaching, core competences as well as models and theory.

    In addition, these two special levels are taught solely via Distance Learning:
    • Certified Group Power Coach (CGPC)
    • Certified Executive Power Coach (CEPC)

    Combination Learning is always available:
    You may choose to combine how youo learn. For example, you can learn the APC level via Distance Learning and then switch to Face-to-Face training for your next levels.

  8. Who can apply to learn Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics?

    Over the years, CLI has witnessed that busy Executives cannot compartmentalize their lives! They may have life partners and children and work in the community. PCMK meets their needs as well as the needs of their partners and children because it is a world-class professional AND personal development program. PCMK revitalizes the lives of anyone who studies it.

    Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics attracts a wide range of participants in both the private and public sectors. Here are just a few of the types of individuals and groups who study PCMK:
    CXOs, Senior and Middle Managers, Business and Thought Leaders, HR/OD Managers, Trainers and Sports Coaches, Moms and Dads (who wish to learn how to self-coach and coach their family members), Helping Professionals such as Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Doctors, Naturopaths and Lawyers.

  9. What requirements must students meet to enter the CLI Coach Training Program?

    Individuals and groups who wish entry into the PCMK Coach Training and Certification Program, must first submit an Application Form. Before CLI approves their entry, each participant articulates:
    • Their Bio
    • Their Greatest Achievements
    • Their Biggest Dreams
    • How they plan to use their PCMK coaching skills
    • Their level of desire to have a Coach and to Self-Coach

  10. What are CLI's policies on withdrawals and refunds?

    • Refunds: CLI class sizes are kept small to promote better learning therefore your commitment is paramount and refunds are not available following registration payment. When unforeseen situations arise CLI will work with you to reschedule your training to complete your course at the next offering of the same course within 12 months of the original course start date (also presented for approval during the registration process).
    • 'Pause' Your Training: In the case of special family or medical emergencies and upon the presentation of a Doctor's certificate CLI will allow you to pause your training and complete your course within 12 months of your 'Pause' starting date (also presented for approval during the registration process).
    • Withdrawals: Students may withdraw at anytime however funds are committed and non-refundable once received by CLI.

  11. What are CLI's policies on the payment of tuition and fees.

    Payment is due at the time of registration and we also offer deferred payment plans as described on this linked web page: Payment Plans - Monthly Payments.

  12. What is the title of CLI's Coach Training and Certification Program?

    As described throughout this web site CLI's Coach Training and Certification Program is referred to as Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics. The CPC, Certified Power Coach Program (Level 1 + Level 2) is approved by ICF. The full Professional Certified Power Coach Program, (4 Levels), is accredited by the IIC & M.

10. List of classes/modules/parts.
Already on website.
11. Number of hours of student contact time
Already on website in the form of the pdf brochure.
12. Coaching philosophy/model/approach
Already on website.
13. Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered
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14. Language/s that are used in program delivery
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