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Executive, Business and Life Coach Training

Monthly Payment Plans

This page updated February 20, 2015.

We look forward to having you join CLI for your Power Coach training.

We currently offer payment plans to those who wish to enroll in the following CLI Coach Training Programs:
Level 1, 'APC', Associate Power Coach
Level 2, 'CPC', Certified Power Coach
Level 2-Exec, 'CEPC' Certified Executive Power Coach
Level 3-4, 'PCPC', Professional Certified Power Coach

A deferred payment fee of 5% will added to your registration fee for all payment plans. Your down payment will include the payment of your deferred payment fee.

Payment plans generally require a down payment of 30% and the balance is paid off in approximately 4 - 6 months via equal monthly credit card payments. We may also accept monthly payments via PayPal or bank transfer. Payment plans are scheduled to be completed prior to your course completion/examinations.

In addition to your online course registration you will be asked to sign a separate (but simple) payment plan contract for all payment plans.

It is a simple process.

  1. 1. Complete your online registration for your APC or CPC Program etc and choose the 'Pay by Check/Phone' option.

  2. Contact CLI with your credit card information.

  3. CLI will process your 30% down payment and send you a Payment Plan Contract for your acceptance and signature.

  4. Return the signed contract to CLI and we will forward your course materials.

  5. On the first of each month (or there abouts) CLI will process your monthly payment.

Contact your Program Strategist or contact CLI directly for additional details and to discuss your options.
+1-250-652-5390 or Toll Free in North America 1-866-254-4357.

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