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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
CLI Mind-Kinetics® Coaching for Positive Thinking
Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Benefits to Your Clients

How PCMK assists people in dramatically improving their performance at home and at work. Our Clients tell us we are 'The Masters' of changing unconstructive habits and behaviours into positive ones faster and more effectively than anyone.

Characteristics of the PCMK AWARD-WINNING TOOLS This ENHANCES YOUR CLIENT'S LIFE Personally & Professionally.
1. PCMK creates a shift in thinking... 1. Habits and behaviours permanently change.
2. PCMK gets to the root cause of our inability to achieve goals. 2. Client's can finally choose positive change.
3. PCMK trains the brain to enhance bilateral thinking... 3. Whole-brain thinking stimulates genius.
4. PCMK tools, over 60 in number, are based on Universal Laws of Human Behavior..... 4. Your Client stops blaming self and others...
5. PCMK permanently turns your Client's negative patterns of thoughts, words and actions into positive patterns. 5. Your Client will overcome negative self-talk ...
6. PCMK tools are deeply steeped in 75+ values of humanity like justice, integrity, .... 6. Everyday these tools will invite your Client to more truly live their values...
7. PCMK assists in peacefully resolving complex situations like harassment. 7. Employees go back to work with no blame. Productivity improves within the team.
8. PCMK tools are universal. Used in all areas of life for all issues and goals, PCMK also works on all four levels: emotionally, spiritually, physically & intellectually. 8. The solution of issues and achievement of goals in all 7 areas and on all 4 levels of your Client's life provides them with greater life balance & more harmonious relationship.
9. PCMK tools are used daily for self-coaching. 9. Client enjoys fast results with self-coaching.

We invite you to download the entire 'Benefits' chart in pdf format.

Now that you see how your clients will benefit it is time to Choose Your Course Start Date or perhaps learn more about How You Will Be Unique as a CLI Power Coach.

We also welcome your calls at 1-866-254-4357, 1-866-CLI-HELPS and will be delighted to provide you with additional information including details about the entire program and multiple possibilities for your coaching certification success as a CLI trained Executive Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach.

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