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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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Joan A. Weston SCPC, CGPC
Executive & Life Coach
The Coaching Approach

Joan A. Weston SCPC, CGPC
Senior Certified Power Coach®

Victoria, BC, Canada
Tel: (250) 595-5609

I had been working as a research fellow at the University College of London while completing my Ph.D. in Art History, and trying to set up a life and career over there. Various stresses and economic realities had plummeted me into deep depression, fear, and anxiety, and my isolation had triggered some post-traumatic stress that I hadnt even been aware I harbored.

Almost immediately, Joan started to work with me in an intuitively gifted, deeply compassionate, highly professional way, calling on her comprehensive repertoire of coaching skills. One by one, the post-trauma symptoms and patterns collapsed, and the learned, suicidal thoughts Id battled since childhood completely disappeared. It seemed that Joan always chose the exactly right process to release the charges, triggers, and emotions attached to difficult episodes from my past.

Her immense sensitivity equips her to divine her clients greatest good and safely, surely guide them toward it. I discovered the roots of many limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. Very, very gently, Joan guided me back to a state of health, love, trust, and confidence. I am now finishing my Ph.D., have a top London academic publisher interested in the results, and am assured of the likelihood of a post-doctoral fellowship or lecturing position in the near future. I am ensconced in a loving relationship for the first time in many years, and am grateful for, and profoundly enjoying, my life. I owe that life to Joan, my coach, mentor, and friend. I give eternal thanks for her pure heart, generous grace, great skill, and noble spirit." Yvonne Owens, Marie Curie Ph.D. Fellow

"I must say what Joan does is amazingly different than what I had experienced before. This was the missing link as to why after 20 years of personal growth work I still had blocks.

I recommend Joan because I saw and felt results immediately. My business is now taking off. She delivers with such love and compassion that it warms my heart whenever I think of her."

Thank you Joan, Barbara Miller, BMP Productions Founder

"Joan's coaching has helped me face fears that hindered me so much, that stood in the way of my personal and business success. Working with her enabled me to reflect on my warts and fears and use them to guide not impede me, and I have begun to live the life I only dreamed of, travel, my own successful business. I achieved more in one session with Joan than I had in years of being in a therapist's chair." C. McGuire, Realtor

"Thank you for everything you've done for me, but most importantly thank you for awakening the Divine in me." Love, Tyler, Student of Life

  Coaching Specialties
  • Wealth
  • Spirituality
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Relationships
  • Life Balance & Health
  • Families & Children
  • Executive, Team, & Business
  • Career
Delivery Methods
  • Skype/VOIP
  • Telephone
  • In Person
  • English

  Coaching Credentials
  • Senior Certified Power Coach®
  • Certified Power Coach® Mentor
  • Certified Group Power Coach®
CLI Trainer Credentials
  • Certified Power Coach Instructor
Other Credentials
  • McGill University - Business/Psych
  • Life Skills Coaches Training 1, YWCA Toronto
  • Building Trust Relationships, Gillmore & Associates, Toronto
  • Mentorship Prog, Women's Business Network, Victoria
  • Therapeutic Community Cert
  • Motivational Interviewing I
  • Motivating Change-Strategies for Approaching Resistance Cert.
  • Addictions and Mental Illness-Working with Co-occurring Disorders Cert
  • Certified Vocational Rehab Professional, pending
  • ACC (ICF), pending

Quick Bio
  Joan Weston, SCPC, is a Senior Certified Executive and Personal Power Coach, Member of the IIC, Owner and Operator of The Coaching Approach. She was attracted to CLI's Power Coach training because of their wholistic body, mind and spirit approach, realizing that challenges in our lives affect all areas of our lives at home, school and at work. Since becoming a Power Coach, she has been able to assist clients to move out of their stuckness and negative habits into positive ones faster and more effectively than ever before.

Over the past 25+ years Joan has gained great experience working for corporations in both the private and public sectors and as an entrepreneur. She has accumulated experience as a coach and as an employment counsellor/consultant. Joan is currently an independant Senior Coach and Job Coach, has been a Case Manager for the WorkBC program at Beacon Community Services and is on the Executive Coaching List for Alberta Health Services. Joan has worked as an Instructor for CLI, in a Therapeutic Community, Woodwynn Farm, in British Columbia, a live-in community for homeless, people with addictions, as a Mentor, a Senior Coach for Career Curve Inc., USA, she has run job search workshops, participated in the research and marketing of employment/training programs to businesses of all sizes within the manufacturing, hi-tech, engineering, and pharmaceutical markets and more. She has a good grasp of the many challenges facing business today and her clients naturally open up in Joan's warm, caring presence.

Coaching Experience
  Joan began her career as an Executive and Personal Coach in 1998. Since 2002, Joan has been using CLI's Power Coaching tools and seeing amazing positive results in every session, coaching executives, people in large and small business, government programs, people working in government, entrepreneurs, and professionals, as well as, people in career transition, relationships, children and parents, people with multiple barriers, including mental health issues and addictions in the United Kingdom, the United States and all over Canada.

All through her life, co-workers and friends were naturally drawn to her to share their concerns in the safe and caring space she provides.

Additional Training, Credentials, and Information
  In her striving for continual improvement and excellence in her work, Joan has now become a Certified Power Coach Instructor and Certified Power Coach Mentor, while working towards her Professional Certified Power Coach designation and accreditation (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional designation is in progress.

Joan has experience in corporate marketing and sales with Coaching and Leadership International, as well as, years of experience working as a Support Counsellor/Mentor in a Therapeutic Community for the homeless and people with addictions. She has years of experience as a Vocational Specialist/Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist/Coach working with a diverse client group including Injured Workers, Persons with Multiple Barriers, Persons with Disabilities, First Nations, New Comers to Canada, and more in Federal and Provincial employment and educational programs. She liaised with the educational ministries of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, maintained relationships with community partners, professional health care providers and other resources. She did research for and promoted programs to the private and public corporate sector, general public and has worked with parents and school administrators. More recently she did research for and promoted the benefits of hiring and retaining older workers as one of the ways to address the labour shortages.

Joan has facilitated and assisted job search workshops and workshops for the Women's Business Network, Mentorship Group, assisted in the Coaching Clinic for Marquis Solutions, co-facilitated for the Older Workers Program and has run Job Finding Clubs for ESL clients, youth, and for clients from other programs, and a community college.

She was nominated by her peers two years running for the Staff Achievement Award, was an active member of a successful Employer Relations Committee and a volunteer member of the Action Planning Committee to improve intercultural relations, and continues to do volunteer work as a coach.

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