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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
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The Brain Walk«: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What happens if I don't see anything in the centre of The Brain Walk map? Does this mean that it isn't working for me? Is something wrong with me?"

The Brain Walk always works. The specific colours and the movement from one colour to another along the walkway automatically open the closed receptor cells in the brain. Just know that you are normal. It is possible that you are left brain dominant. This means that your brain needs to take an extra step to access solutions in the right brain. It is also possible that you are more auditory than visual in which case you may need quiet in order to concentrate. No problem. It may take a little longer for the solutions to come to you. You may be driving home, turning around in the shower, riding your bike or meditating and the answer(s) will come. They may not come in images at this point but they will come in the form of ideas through your intuition.

People who have trouble visualizing may also have trouble achieving their goals because you need to visualize yourself achieving those goals before you can manifest them. For example, if your car is in the parking lot, you need to physically see the car in order to know which direction to take to reach it. The same applies to our goals. If we can "see" our goals, visualize our goals, we have a much stronger chance of achieving them. Make sense? Now you can see how important it is to do The Brain Walk everyday. Accessing the right brain is like exercising another muscle. The more you exercise it the better you become. Power Coaching« in general allows you to do that. Over time, with Power Coaching, you will become better and better at switching easily between your left brain and your right brain. You will become more of a bilateral thinker. Problem solving will become much easier for you.

Keep a journal of your results from The Brain Walk and see for yourself how much progress you will make over time.

Q: "I'm a busy person, do I need to figure out what all of the solutions mean?"

Absolutely not! You already have one concrete solution from Step #4. With respect to the solutions you streamed in from the centre of The Brain Walk map, taking the time to 'decode' or figure out your solutions is a bonus! It will give you additional solutions with respect to an action plan. If you choose not to figure out the solutions immediately, the beautiful thing about this process is that a physiological shift has happened in the brain. It will simply be a matter of time before your unconscious brings the solutions into your conscious. Watch for the light bulb to go on!

Q: Can I be a fan on Facebook?

A: Certainly - just click this link. The Brain Walk on Facebook - Be a Fan!

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