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Listening Skills – Key Competency of a Good Leader, Parent or Coach

Have you ever wondered the real difference between hearing and listening?  Active listening, as we learn during CLI’s Executive Coaching Certification Program, has four parts to it taken from the Chinese symbol “To Listen”.

We listen with:

Our ears:  Of course! Listening Skills

Our eyes:  When we ‘listen’ with our eyes, we pay attention to body language, to their eyes, and their facial features.

With Undivided Attention:  How often have you walked into someone’s office and, while you are talking to them, they continue to type on their computer?  This drives me crazy!  Same with a life partner or a child, we demonstrate undivided attention when we turn our whole body to them and fully listen to what they are saying.  This says to them, “you are important to me”.

Heart:  The heart is often ignored because old school leaders think this is ‘fluffy stuff’.  Nothing is more important than listening to someone’s feelings.  This says, “I care about your feelings.”


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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