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Free Self-Coaching
Welcome to The Brain Walk® & Free Self-Coaching Centre!

Dear Valued Guest:

Welcome! You are about to enter a world where our visitors learn how to lead happier, healthier, more peaceful and purposeful lives.

For example, tools like "The Brain Walk® - A Journey for Peace of Mind" assist young and younger (!) in becoming stronger whole-brain thinkers. No matter what your challenge or goal, tools like The Brain Walk® will guide you towards innovative solutions. You may find yourself thinking more like a genius. Bonus!

Note 25Jan19: For The Brain Walk® - Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the web browsers that work best at this time and Javascript must be enabled on your computer.

Do remember to discover your Life/Spiritual Purpose which will bring more meaning into your life. CLI has dedicated this section to individuals who have a vested interest in realizing their full potential. These tools are free for your use. Donations are accepted by The CLI Foundation who will use those funds to provide private/group Power Coaching to the less fortunate.

Once you have worked through the tools, you may find yourself wishing for more assistance. If so, click on Find a Coach. These certified Power Coaches are trained to help you discover the root causes of your inability to achieve a certain goal or competency. Moreover, they have the tools to assist you in making permanent positive changes in your life.

Enjoy these FREE self-coaching tools! We love to hear about your successes. Do email us at sales@coachingandleadership.com with your comments.

And remember to go to The CLI Store to buy a paper copy of The Brain Walk® for gift giving.

For your iPad: The Brain Walk, The Selling Guru and CLI Values Cards by CLI are also available at the Apple App Store.

For your iPhone: CLI Values Cards and The Selling Guru by CLI are also available at the Apple App Store.

With thanks for your visit,
Betska K-Burr & John Burr

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  1. I agree to use The Brain Walk® and these Self-Coaching tools only for the purposes of my own self-improvement and I agree that I will not use The Brain Walk® or these Self-Coaching tools to coach or train others.
  2. I agree that this limited, non-exclusive license applies only to the personal, non-commercial use of the tools, techniques and downloadable items contained within the "Free Self-Coaching" & “The Brain Walk®” sections of this website while visiting this site. I agree that I will not duplicate or record any CLI material as these materials and recordings are the sole property of CLI and are protected by trademark and copyright laws.
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  4. I understand that CLI will issue a unique identifier to my agreement and store it in a private cookie which will allow me to return multiple times for up to 30 days without having to agree to the terms and conditions repeatedly as long as the cookie exists. As a matter of fact - Every time that I return within 32 days of my previous visit my private cookie will automatically renew itself for an additional 32 days.
  5. I understand that CLI will record my email address and will correspond with me to confirm my email address as well as supply Self-Coaching & CLI updates. I understand that the updates will come directly from CLI and I can unsubscribe safely at any time.
  6. I agree that all issues/topics of discussion are of my own personal choice and I understand that CLI's Power Coaching® tools are not intended to provide a therapeutic environment nor are they to be a substitute for counseling or psychotherapy. I agree that it is important for me to consult with a professional if I believe that I need therapeutic assistance.
  7. I agree that I release and hold harmless CLI., all of its agents, representatives and employees from any liability arising out of the result of any portion of these tools which I voluntarily participate in, and for any acts of ordinary negligence on the part of CLI, its agents, representatives and employees.
  8. I agree that if I breach any of the conditions set forth in this license then this license is automatically terminated.

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