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Blog of The Guru Coach

Health and Wellness Coaching – Why an Individual May Seek a Coach?

Health and wellness management is vital for every individual. There are many different sub-types of Health and Wellness Coaches, and in most cases, many work as part of an overall Wellness Team with their clients.

The organization you work in will also have its Health and Wellness resources, earmarked areas, nominated platforms and a Wellness officer to ensure employee health has full benefits and medical insurance catered. In this team environment, the Coach often focuses on identifying the future-focused goals of the individual or even for groups and supports them in leading their own wellness teams.

Health and Wellness CoachingAs professionals trained in CLI’s time-tested Life Coaching Certification Program you as Coaches, Parents, Children and Leaders would build a web of understanding and awareness that helps to see the connections between our food choices, our individual and cultural health, our attitudes and beliefs and the quality of our relationships.

CLI Senior Coaches can help Clients find the root cause of a dis-ease or disease or illness in less than 5 seconds. How could this possibly be? Very simple. The subconscious mind records everything. CLI has developed methodologies to tap into our memory banks to discover root causes and then shift our belief systems so that healing may begin.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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