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What is the Winning Formula for Hiring and Building Best Teams

Leaders all over the world agree that there is no single ultimate winning formula for hiring and building the best teams. The Winning Formula

Team Success is like money success. Just when you figure out how to make ends meet they move the ends! Teams change, leaders change, economies change, the culture changes.

Jack Welch has an interesting 4-E (and 1- P) framework for Hiring:

  • First E is Positive Energy. Look for the ability to thrive on challenges, action and loving life.
  • The second E is the ability to Energize others. Can he/she energize others?
  • The third E is Edge, the courage to make tough yes-no decisions. Can they make hard and unpopular decisions?
  • The fourth E is Execution. Winning is all about results. (I would wonder how results-oriented they are.)
  • The last P stands for Passion. Passion is what makes us drive purpose and life goals. (I would check their passion meter for selflessly serving others rather than being self-serving.)


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Our Animal Co-Coaches

Animals and pets are God’s gift to human kind. Our Animal Co-CoachesThey love us unconditionally. They bring us comfort, laughter, joy and companionship that no human being can replace.

Take Rajiv and Bruno, for example. They live in Delhi, India. Rajiv is a Professional Executive Coach and Bruno is Rajiv’s Co-Coach and business partner extraordinaire. Seriously! Whenever Rajiv has a challenge, and it is possible for him to take Bruno for a walk, answers to Rajiv’s challenge will flood in during the walk as an alternate approach. Interesting!

As business people, parents, or teenagers, we can invite a precious animal and/or feathered friend into our home and/or business and give them a job! Their job is to be your Co-Coach in life. Permit them to help you self-coach daily, help you generate solutions to challenges and goals and create masterful works for your business and home life. Invite them to meditate with you and become true partners in your life’s journey. Look after them as if they were your human child and they will reward you with love.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Universal Law #5: The Law of Belief – “All things are created by the mind”

How do world record holders in athletics, swimming or even mountain climbers reach the pinnacle of glory? Simply, by believing in themselves.

This law first says, “What I think, I become.” In other words, Law #5you will manifest what you believe. If you have a fear, you will attract that fear. Yikes! But don’t worry, you can stop the fear dead in its tracks.

95-99% of our behaviours are operated by our subconscious mind. If they are subconscious then we don’t know about them, right? So what negative beliefs are lurking in your subconscious mind making your life miserable or not so great? And what positive beliefs are buried there that you are not maximizing?

Start today!
Dig deep and find these negative beliefs and kick them out – forever! Believe that you CAN be the architect of a new and better future. Start with brain games like The Brain Walk. Or, talk to me.

Jessica Sedlock, North America’s Biathlon Champion 2008/2009 improved her 10 km running time by over five minutes in just one year through the brilliance of CLI’s deeply researched positive thinking life coaching methodologies.

Betska, The Guru Coach™

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Universal Law #4: The Law of Choice – “We have the Power to Choose”

This law says, “If I wish to change my life, I must change my choices”.

Sally hates her boss. Fred can’t see his shoes because his beer belly is too big. Martha still eats meat which is making her sick. Cam can’t seem to meditate every well. Law #4

Why do we let these things happen? It’s because we forget this law. We forget that we, and we alone, can take control of our own lives by making the right choices. Each of us can CHOOSE to do what is good for us. By virtue of having a choice, we become 100% responsible for our lives.

Personal development programs give us the tools to make choices on how we live, dress, eat, choose one’s faith and develop relationships or bonds.

To be happier, healthier and in harmony with our mind, body and spirit, we must make the right choices for ourselves.

In the wise words of Mark Twain, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing.”


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Be the Leader Coach

When any employee or team member approaches you with an issue, he /she has either challenges to overcome or goals to achieve. In either case, remember that the receptors on their thinking cell’s membrane are constricted and they constricted because of some emotional event. When receptors are constricted, we have distorted thinking or irrational thoughts because the emotions are blocking the nourishment from reaching the cells. This is simple cell biology.

A Leader who has been through a PCMK Executive Coach Training Program would intuitively Be the Leader Coachknow which coaching methodology to use with their peer/employee to give the best results. Built into every PCMK methodology is The Law of Love /Transformation which means that the negative emotional energy is released from the receptors allowing innovative solutions to easily come to the peer/employee. Why is this important? Because the Leader doesn’t need to give the employee/peer any advice! Helping our people find their own solutions is the best way to create more leaders.


Betska, The Guru Coach
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