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Blog of The Guru Coach

Universal Law #4: The Law of Choice – “We have the Power to Choose”

This law says, “If I wish to change my life, I must change my choices”.

Sally hates her boss. Fred can’t see his shoes because his beer belly is too big. Martha still eats meat which is making her sick. Cam can’t seem to meditate every well. Law #4

Why do we let these things happen? It’s because we forget this law. We forget that we, and we alone, can take control of our own lives by making the right choices. Each of us can CHOOSE to do what is good for us. By virtue of having a choice, we become 100% responsible for our lives.

Personal development programs give us the tools to make choices on how we live, dress, eat, choose one’s faith and develop relationships or bonds.

To be happier, healthier and in harmony with our mind, body and spirit, we must make the right choices for ourselves.

In the wise words of Mark Twain, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing.”


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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