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Blog of The Guru Coach

Questioning Skills – Key Competency of a Good Leader, Parent or Coach

When a Leader, Parent or Coach attends CLI’s Life Coach Training program, s/he learns vital Questioning Skills. The incisive questions challenge, promote clarity, discovery or learning. Participants learn to ask questions that demonstrate active listening and an understanding of another person’s perspective, beliefs, personal strengths and abilities.

Questioning Skills For example, you may be sitting with an employee who is troubled, a teenager who is having trouble at school with bullying or a senior leader who simply cannot communicate well with his/her people. It is easy to dance around – skirt around the issue. Someone with excellent behavioural based coach training can, in just a few seconds, help the person find solutions by asking this powerful question,  “And so, what is really really bothering you deep down at a heart level about this situation?”

Can you imagine the response? Yes, tears may come. Eyes may light up with revelations. Or you may get a surprising hug.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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