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Blog of The Guru Coach

Universal Law #13: “The Law of Forgiveness” – Key to a More Compassionate and Loving Life

What a beautiful thing it would be if we could forgive ourselves and others for the burdens of perceived wrongs, guilt, judgment, shame, slights, humiliation or sense of depriving what we thought was lawfully ours?

Imagine how light our soul would be!

“Forgive Ourselves: The Law of Forgiveness To be able to receive love from others.  
“Forgive Others:  To be able to give more love to them.”

With forgiveness, we tell others that we no longer hold ourselves or them guilty.  We pardon, absolve, condone, and overlook everything that is stopping us from loving our self and others more.  We, in effect, join hands with the culprit or the tormentor in a journey of Self-Transformation.  We become our own life coach.

All great Teachers invite us to be generous in forgiving ourselves first for the ‘sins’ or ‘mistakes’ made.  To err is human and to forgive is divine.  It is only by forgiving each other for the vagaries of wars that nations will, one day, no longer go to war.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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