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Message of The Guru Coach

Universal Law #11: “The Law of Karma” – What Goes Around Comes Around

Do we really realize that each of our positive / negative thoughts or words or actions towards our own self or towards others, keeps depositing like a bank account?  Indeed, each of us has a Deeds Bank Account just like we have a money bank account.

This Law, also called “The Law of Cause and Effect”, Law of Karma tells us that when we have unconstructive thoughts, words, and actions about ourselves and others (cause), we make a deposit into our “negative” bank account (effect) and vise versa for positive thoughts or actions turning out as “positive” bank account deposits.

A Life Coach Training program shares with us that peace, joy, and love, for example, come to us more easily when we have a lot more positive merits than negative ones.   It just makes sense.  And, isn’t peace, joy, and love all that we want in life?

What we sow, we reap.  As we do good things to ourselves and others, good things come back to us.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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