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The CLI Value of ‘Respect’ – Teaching Our Children the Value of Respect

Value of Respect ‘Respect’ is acknowledging the unique existence of others as gifted by God and honouring the other person’s many strengths by a combination of positive words, thoughts and actions. For example, the Japanese bow deferentially every time they meet.

When positive thoughts, words and actions become our main vehicles for communication, we demonstrate ‘Respect’ for self and others for what we and others are.

Teens often have difficulty respecting elders or accepting wise advice from their parents. As children grow older they start losing connection to their Higher Power (underdeveloped front lobes prevent them from being as logical as we would like them to be). While teens may appear to be rebellious, truly their rebellion is simply a cry for more love, ‘Respect’ and understanding from their parents. Conscious parents learn Life Coach Training skills to help teens self-discover their own solutions. In this way teens will not feel that parents are trying to fix them, control them or arrange their lives without mutual respect and dignity. Sign up today. You’ll be happy you did.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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