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Universal Law #12: “The Law of Priority” – Who Comes First?

The Law of Priority says, “I must save myself first before I can save another.”

Those of you who frequently travel by air would recall the wise counsel given by the smart flight attendant.  In case of emergency, first put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help a child or elderly person sitting next to you.

Similarly, to inspire our clients, children, employees, The Law of Priority friends and leaders with Peace and Hope, we must feel Peaceful and Hopeful inside of ourselves first.  The law of Priority says so!

Just as a rainbow in the sky fills us with peace and joy, we can also be a guiding light for others as we connect with our own brilliance for superior personal development.

What can you do today to put yourself first?

How can you be a guiding light for someone today?

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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