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The CLI Value of ‘Self-Love’ – The Power of Self-Love

Self-Love is what we all strive for, isn’t it? As Executive and Life Coaches, we find that ‘Self-Love’ is one of the top ten Values sought by our Clients. What really bothers us deep down at a heart level in most everyday situations is that we do not really love ourselves, our worth, our unique skills and gifted talents well enough.

The Power of Self-LoveThat request for ‘Self-Love’ comes disguised as many possible goals unique to each individual. For example:

To a leader, “I want to better engage my employees.”

To myself, “I want to be a better manager of my time” or “Help me acquire a Healthier diet.”

To a wife, “I want my husband to show me that he loves me.”

To a Parent, “I truly wish for my teenage son to connect with me and talk to me. To share his problems with me.”

Under each of these goals is a desire for Self-Love, to be the most loving, most generous and the most caring person. Through the PCMK™ Curriculum for Life Coach Training, we learn to reconnect with ourselves through self-love.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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