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Let’s Restart Our Phone Line to “God”

Do you know that Whales communicate with each other via a whistle system?

Let's Restart Our Phone Line to GodIf a whale is in Alaska he could (science has proven) communicate with his lady friend in Australia through this whistling system. However, whales are having difficulty communicating over long distances since humans have polluted and put in tons of garbage, stopping their whistles from reaching their destination. How frustrating that must be for these beautiful creatives when they cannot properly communicate with their loved ones.

Let's Restart Our Phone Line to GodIn the human world, we have the same communication challenges as do the whales. Our phone lines to God are full of static. We cannot hear God clearly. Sometimes our prayers are not answered.

With polluted minds and polluted bodies, it is difficult to access our highest intuition because our access to it is filtered by the garbage we have created in the form of unconstructive beliefs in our subconscious mind and by what impure food and drink and such we put in and on our bodies.

Those wishing to clean up their clogged and constricting phone lines can begin with Life Coach Training and practice self coaching and meditation. God (in whatever form we know God to be in our hearts) is bound to answer our call.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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