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Universal Law #2: “The Law of Equality” – Towards a More Equitable World

This Law says, “Our true needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, wishes and their fulfillment are as important as those of any other soul in existence. In the Creator’s eyes, I am just as important as the next person.”

We learn during CLI’s Life Coach Training that we may not feel equal (“Inferior Ego”) because we are busy decrying ourselves which means we believe others are better than we are or “SuperiorLaw of Equality Ego” when we feel we are better than others. When coaching with this law, we face ourselves HEAD-ON. As leaders, employees and parents, we all can create a safer environment at work and at home when we see each other as equals. Let’s apply this Law to create more love, harmony, and abundance for all to make a more equitable world.

Just imagine … wars would disappear, women would feel equal to men, animals would feel safe … such a great world for our children to grow up in, eh? Find someone you discriminate against and show them love today.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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