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Fun at Work – Why is this important?

Hmm… we spend most of our days in our respective offices. It makes sense then to put effort into making our time spent in the office and work environment enjoyable. Look up the best companies and “Google will surely figure in the top five. Why is working so much fun there?

Fun at WorkA “fun atmosphere” provides employees a release valve, allows them an in-house platform to express themselves and facilitates their personality to flower. It enables employees to better deal with stressful situations and challenges with greater optimism and energy. Fun does not mean work is not taken seriously but by putting in place firm norms and right balance, work places can be more fun than homes.

Celebrating Birthdays,Employee Appreciation Days and having Fundoo Fridays or fun with on the spot games and quizzes can really liven up the atmosphere. However, the choice of humour in the office must not be offensive or gender targeted but plain old fun. In Betska K-Burr’s book, Creating Champions, you will find dozens of ways to bring more fun, humour and lightness to the workplace.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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