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The CLI Value of ‘Faith’ – Faith Can Move Mountains

Faith Can Move MountainsFaith is a matter of individual choice. So many feelings get evoked by this one CLI Value in our lives namely, trust, belief, tenets, reliance, religion, doctrine, confidence and dependence. Wow! Let’s simply pick up what Faith CAN DO to our daily life.

From a non-spiritual perspective, having ‘Faith’ means we have made a pledge to ourselves, to believe in ourselves against all odds and in spite of any obstacles, not to be swayed by temptations, easy money or favours. We can move mountains with our faith, courage, and compassion.

In a spiritual context, there is an old saying, “It is not our ‘faith’ in God that moves mountains but our faith in the greatness of God.” Until we are fully enlightened, we often need the hand of a self-realized Teacher who can show us HOW to find that Faith in ourselves. Their work is precious beyond measure.

Leaders who come to CLI’s Executive Coach Certification to learn coaching and mentoring skills in order to better engage their employees, discover (interestingly enough) that before they can be great role models for their employees they must first find their own Faith in themselves.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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