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Decoding Minds of Boys and Girls

Decoding Minds of Boys and GirlsAs a woman you may have wondered why a man won’t stop and ask for directions while, as a boy, you may have marveled why girls generally have an easier time remembering. Wish to decode the anatomy behind it? Join the Life Coaching Training Program of CLI.

The size of almost every lobe of the human brain is different in males and females. The hippocampus which is crucial to memory storage and the corpus callosum which connects the right and left hemispheres is larger in girls than boys. Females can switch more more easily for bilateral thinking by using both IQ (left hemi) and EQ (right hemi) enabling them to better multitask.

Decoding Minds of Boys and GirlsBoys’ brains are structured to compartmentalize learning resulting in better clarity and focus in certain situations. Girls tend to use areas of their brain devoted to EQ activities such as verbal and emotional functioning and nurturing while boys use the areas responsible for IQ activities such as mechanical tasks.

Does it really matter? Yes! It matters when it comes to teamwork at the office and happy households. When we respect how each other is wired and support each other with our individual strengths in the achievement of personal and professional goals, we can help solve some of our global and family issues.

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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