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Blog of The Guru Coach

The Road to Success is Always Under Construction!

Children dream BIGGG dreams. Nothing clouds their vision. And nothing seems impossible. Adults, on the other hand, often limit their potential by dismissing their dreams before they ever get off the ground; a habit picked up from parents/teachers/friends and so on, as well as from experiencing failure. Most people have forgotten how truly great they are. If we believe that we are all “God” inside, or put another way, that we are all geniuses (full of potential), then we can achieve whatever we want to achieve.  Make sense?

Before we can set realistic and exciting goals, let’s shut down the internal editor and dream BIGGG.

Via The Law of Attraction, we attract obstacles into our lives to learn from them. However, if we are attracting too many obstacles, our belief system in the subconscious mind might be that we love chaos!  Some folks thrive on drama because without it, their lives might get boring.  As an Executive and Life Coach, I see this happening around me all the time.  Interesting, isn’t it?

 Well, when it comes to roadblocks my message is this:

Winners at life take roadblocks, even crises, and turn them into character builders.

Clint the Wiseman

My own life has been filled with roadblocks, many with spikes in the road! But I’ve kept my enthusiasm with one simple philosophy:

The road to success is always under construction!

“Under every rock there is a lesson in life. Embrace it. Learn from it. And build a better you.”

Lessons in life under these rocks:

1.  If something negative from your childhood is weighing your life down, get rid of it. For help, you can turn to support groups, personal counseling or powerful and fast modalities such as CLI’s Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®.

2.  Learn to forgive. When we hold a grudge, we are in conflict. We know no inner peace. Let it go. Lowering our expectations of others makes it more difficult to be hurt.

3.  As parents, we need to be aware of the many needs of a child so that we don’t create lifelong scars. History has proven that children take on our patterns/beliefs, good or bad.  A great gift hubby John and I have given our daughter is the gift of addressing our own negative thoughts and getting rid of them.  She then has less of a chance of taking on our negative patterns.

4.  We can’t afford to let the values or insecurities of our parents or spouses hold us back from achieving our dreams.

5.  Education is a precious asset. There are many kinds of education and many ways to acquire it. We can also become serious students of life. For example, learning The Universal Laws of Human Behaviour is a paramount.  Bruce McArthur teaches us these laws in his book, “Your Life”.

6.  If we find ourselves in a situation of conflict, it’s essential that we resolve it quickly. Conflicts create unhealthy stress which diminishes our ability to perform at our best.

7.  We need an equal balance between work and home life to stay healthy. All work and no play can create havoc in our lives. Our personal life should be priority number one. After all, it’s much easier to replace a job than it is to replace a loving family and good friends.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
Flying by the Seat of Your… Plans
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