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Blog of The Guru Coach

I Believe in the Power I AM

I was coaching a little boy today … he is 47 years old.

‘Peter’ is a brilliant man having achieved a very senior level in his organization and pretty much destined for the very top job.  So why did I refer to him as a ‘little boy’?

While Peter has an IQ score which is off the charts, when we started coaching his EQ was on the extreme side of low … probably from old school parents telling him that the expression of emotions and having compassion, for example, is ‘girly’ or is ‘fluffy stuff’.  In his awakening during the coaching process, Peter realized that he needs to be a balanced leader with both transactional skills (high IQ) for the purposes of both analysis and focused action, and transformational skills (high EQ) for the purposes of inspiring his people to reach their full potential and truly excel at their jobs.

As his Executive Coach, the only way to permanently raise his EQ score was to take him into his subconscious mind to find out what negative beliefs he had about himself.  We also found the root cause events that cemented these negative beliefs into his subconscious.  For example, his Mother wanted to say Grace before each dinner meal but his Dad scoffed at it … saying that he was an atheist or agnostic and didn’t believe in a Higher Power. [Dad is thinking to himself, “I am bad. Why would anyone want to bless me?”] His Dad’s behaviour shut down Peter’s spiritual side.

So guess what?  Peter took on the patterns of his Dad in terms of not believing in a Higher Power Sandwhich made him turn to his logical left brain for solutions (IQ) versus his right brain which is our connection to our genius or Higher Power.  With the support of our Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® sessions Peter is a changed man.  He is no longer a little boy.

Instead of playing in the mud of his left brain he now plays creatively and with great passion in the bottomless quarry of the sand box of his right brain and believes in himself and in his people.  It is extraordinary to watch.

Here are some of the belief systems that Peter anchored in his subconscious mind to dig himself out of the mud:

Belief System

If any of these feel as if you could benefit from them, replace Peter’s name with yours.  Then, you may wish to anchor them all at once in your subconscious mind by doing www.TheBrainWalk.com. Select “A Journey for Peace of Mind”.

Clint the Wiseman

Read your new beliefs every day for a few days. Watch as miracles start to happen around you.  No wonder Bruce Lipton says the subconscious is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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