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Message of The Guru Coach

Universal Law # 1: “The Law of Service” How to Make Your Life Happier?

All human beings, animals and matter that exist in the Universe created by the Master Creator are unique in their own respect. This Law says, “The more I love myself, the better I can love/service others.” Sitting in the CLI Coaching Certification classroom, you experience and realize the tremendous power of this law as your subconscious negative repetitive belief patterns are removed. You experience boundless joy and happiness about your uniquely endowed self worth. Amazing…

Law#1Let’s look at the impact of this law. When a leader loves self and performs to full potential, with full self-confidence they serve their employees by helping them grow. And, how about parents? Did you know that parents usually pass their unconstructive beliefs on to their children? Law#1″What?” you say. How can this be? It happens naturally. Children observe us and mimic us. The best gift we can give to our employees and children is to truly and deeply study ourselves to demonstrate the core competency of “Leading Self First”. How would you rank yourself in this core competency? Rank yourself out of 10, with 10 being high.

Betska, The Guru CoachTM
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