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Interview - Betska K-Burr: Executive and Life Coach
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Executive, Business and Life Coach Training

Register Now for ICF ACSTH Courses

Register for the Power Coach Fundamentals Course:

There are no prerequisites or admission requirements for the Power Coach Fundamentals course. Use this registration form to register for the 2 day On-Site course or the 20 hour Distance Learning (DL) program. Simply click here to "download the Power Coach Fundamentals Registration Form". Print the form, complete it and fax it back to us at 1-250-652-0184 as soon as possible to ensure your placement in the course. Note that Power Coach Fundamentals is not a prerequisite for the Certified Power Coach Program.

Register for the Certified Power Coach® Program:

We are honoured that you have chosen CLI's CPC, Certified Power Coach® Program. This section pertains to registration for the full CPC Program as well as registration for PC I only.

Begin your Training/Certification with 3 easy steps;

  1. Submit your registration form.

  2. Engage in a pre-registration discussion with a CLI Course Instructor.

  3. Begin your Training and/or Certification Program.
Click here to "download the Certified Power Coach Registration Form". Print the form, complete it and fax it to CLI at 1-250-652-0184 and ensure that it arrives at CLI?s offices 3 weeks prior to course start date to ensure that you receive your CLI scholarship. If you are mailing the Registration Form ensure that it arrives at the CLI offices a minimum of 3 weeks prior to course start date to ensure that you receive your CLI scholarship. Your Registration Form will only be processed once you have had your discussion with the CLI Course Instructor.

Once CLI receives your registration form you will be contacted to schedule your discussion with the CLI Course Instructor. The discussion will take approximately 45 minutes. The Instructor's job is to ensure that you are entering the right program. A prepared set of questions guides the discussion and we welcome you to use this time to ask us any questions you may have about the program. You may wish to use this time to ask the Instructor specific questions about the course material and/or business building opportunities.

Some typical questions asked by the Instructor are:
  1. CPC students learn structured methodologies that assist the Client in using all five parts of the brain for solutions to challenges and goals. Upon fully understanding how The Science of Mind-Kinetics works, the Certified Power Coach may then choose to blend methodologies. How well do you like the idea of learning structured coaching methodologies?

  2. All PCMK methodologies are designed for Coaches to self-coach. You become your first best client. How does this appeal to you?

  3. What is the #1 strength you bring to the coaching profession?

  4. What is your #1 dream?
Some questions you may wish to ask the Instructor:
  1. How does CLI help students to grow their businesses?

  2. How will being a Power Coach set me apart from the students of other schools?

  3. How long does it take for someone to become successful in this business?

  4. Once I have my Certified Power Coach designation, what other learning opportunities are there for me within CLI? For example, do you offer corporate coaching programs? Coaching programs for families? couples? teens? Are there higher levels of training than a CPC?
Upon completion of the discussion, CLI will process your Registration Form and email you the course Confirmation which outlines the details of the program. For Distance Learning Students, CLI will mail to you your Power Coach Manual and Licensee Guide along with some required reading materials and bonus items.

Thank you for your interest in CLI & Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics! We look forward to working with you as you embark upon your Power Coach Training. You may always contact us toll free in North America at 1-866-254-4357 or via our regular number +1-250-652-5390.

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