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Universal Law #9: “The Law of Love” – The Key to Human Happiness

This Universal Law is not widely understood. “Major transformation in my life can only come when I truly internalize (learn) the cause of a life challenge including emotions and then eliminate it by bringing ‘love’ to the issue.”

Example, ‘Fred’ had a tough time speaking in public. Through the PCMK™ coaching and mentoring process he learned that the reason he had trouble speaking in public was because The Learning Journeyhe was afraid people would laugh at him.  He was afraid that people wouldn’t understand his ideas and therefore he would be embarrassed. Having identified his ‘learning’, we developed brand new positive belief systems which he anchored in his subconscious mind using one of the 40 methods which bring ‘love’ by replacing the Universal Law #9negative with a positive.

His new belief? “I, Fred, now speak in public with great ease and confidence because the listeners receive my ideas with excitement and deep understanding.”

Fred would have forever been afraid of speaking in public if he had not completed the ‘learning’ and shifted his subconscious beliefs.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Are you a Victim or Leader?

Victims and Leaders look at life differently. Although everyone is doing the best they can, sometimes people do not realize that they have a choice to be either a victim or a leader. Executive Business Coach Training teaches us that we can remain bruised all our lives, stay in victim mode or heal and become the leading humble stars of tomorrow.

For example, CLI’s “Learning Concept” invites leaders to abandon the notion that we have “problem employees” or “problem managers”. Instead, we engage The Law of Attraction knowing that we attracted the “problem” in order to learn something.

learn tab

Therefore, while a “problem” situation exists, we refrain from saying that people are a “problem”.  The question then becomes, “Hmmm. What is everyone learning here?” The Manager might be learning how to ‘respect’ their people more. The Employee might be learning how to have more faith in their Manager.

If we want a harmonious workplace, there is no room for blame or judgement. Only “learning”.

PS  Same goes for the home-front!

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Universal Law #7: “The Law of Attraction” – Why We Attract What We do

I was working with an Executive Coaching client today and man was she angry! She was angry at her entire team because they were not working hard enough to get a specific project done on time.

Hmmm. Any thoughts on why she ‘attracted’ this situation?

This Universal Law says, “I attract people, places and things into my life to help me grow emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically.”

‘Sally’ learned that she attracted the situation in order to learn some key leadership Values: Compassion, Understanding and Patience. Universal Law #7 First, Sally needed to move into a place of Compassion and Understand that her employees must have a reason for their tardiness. Then with Patience she coached her employees using The Be a Star Executive Coaching methodology and helped everyone recognize why the employees were so far behind. Her anger disappeared and forward action took place.

Easy stuff (when we know how!).

Betska, The Guru Coach™
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What is the Winning Formula for Hiring and Building Best Teams

Leaders all over the world agree that there is no single ultimate winning formula for hiring and building the best teams. The Winning Formula

Team Success is like money success. Just when you figure out how to make ends meet they move the ends! Teams change, leaders change, economies change, the culture changes.

Jack Welch has an interesting 4-E (and 1- P) framework for Hiring:

  • First E is Positive Energy. Look for the ability to thrive on challenges, action and loving life.
  • The second E is the ability to Energize others. Can he/she energize others?
  • The third E is Edge, the courage to make tough yes-no decisions. Can they make hard and unpopular decisions?
  • The fourth E is Execution. Winning is all about results. (I would wonder how results-oriented they are.)
  • The last P stands for Passion. Passion is what makes us drive purpose and life goals. (I would check their passion meter for selflessly serving others rather than being self-serving.)


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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Universal Law #5: The Law of Belief – “All things are created by the mind”

How do world record holders in athletics, swimming or even mountain climbers reach the pinnacle of glory? Simply, by believing in themselves.

This law first says, “What I think, I become.” In other words, Law #5you will manifest what you believe. If you have a fear, you will attract that fear. Yikes! But don’t worry, you can stop the fear dead in its tracks.

95-99% of our behaviours are operated by our subconscious mind. If they are subconscious then we don’t know about them, right? So what negative beliefs are lurking in your subconscious mind making your life miserable or not so great? And what positive beliefs are buried there that you are not maximizing?

Start today!
Dig deep and find these negative beliefs and kick them out – forever! Believe that you CAN be the architect of a new and better future. Start with brain games like The Brain Walk. Or, talk to me.

Jessica Sedlock, North America’s Biathlon Champion 2008/2009 improved her 10 km running time by over five minutes in just one year through the brilliance of CLI’s deeply researched positive thinking life coaching methodologies.

Betska, The Guru Coach™

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Why People Have Trouble Taking Advice

Have you ever had a sick friend or family member who wouldWhy People Have trouble Taking Advice not accept the advice that you have given them?

Why does this seem to happen?

Some of the reasons could be that they have very little clarity due to unconstructive patterns causing them to stay unwell, the disbelief that anyone could know more than medical doctors, plain stubbornness or not wishing to change their diet. Professional Coaches who undergo a Life Coaching Training Program can free people from these misconceptions. It is human nature to blame outside circumstances when we feel hurt or become sick; however, The Universal Law of Choice says, “If we want to change our lives, we must change our choices.”

Mature personal leadership invites us to reach out for others to help us as we take responsibility for our situation. We are the only ones who can change who we are.


Betska, The Guru Coach™
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