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Executive, Business and Life Coach Training Certification Approved by ICF

CLI's revolutionary and proven "coaching and leadership solutions" propel you to excel and stand out like a Star in your field.

Globally, CLI trains Coaches, CXO's, Managers, HR Directors, Trainers and all Leaders to be the drivers of positive change, leading themselves and others to be outrageously impactful using both logic and heart.

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Acquire the skills, tools and knowledge to be a confident indispensible instrument of positive change for yourself and others.

Master an unparalleled, unique Executive, Business and Life Coaching skill set designed specifically for building leadership competencies and whole life success.

Open the Doors to Success for yourself and your clients by accessing the full power of the subconscious mind which manages 97% of our lives.
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Bring CLI's award-winning Coaching and Leadership Tools to your company, city or country. Incredible benefits for your already successful business.

Robust Corporate Programs

Tired of training programs that don't work? Raise the bar of excellence and possibility for your people and your teams. We guarantee the results for mature leadership and accountable employees. Ask us about the secret ingredient!

Hire an Executive Life Coach

Choose a better life. Choose a great Coach!
Hire a CLI Power Coach® to transform your self-defeating subconscious beliefs and actions for a happier, more peaceful life.

Experience "…what is probably the most revolutionary and most effective model of coaching to have been developed in the last ten years, Betska K-Burr's Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®." ~ Rey Carr, Peer Resources

Message from The Guru Coach™

We all have egos. Even nations have big egos. Just a three letter word but it can cause so much anger, pride, vanity, conceit and pompousness. Remember how in our 20s this big monster Ego starts vacillating between inferior ego (lack of self confidence) and superior ego (aggressiveness)?  Well, there is another type of ego which CLI calls heavenly ego (wise actions). Understanding the Heavenly EgoIn Inferior ego state we are easily swayed, can be bullied, and have low faith in self and others. In Superior ego, we can be disrespectful, unkind, intolerant and uncaring. Heavenly ego is the path of transformation where we are respectful, devoted, nonjudgmental, detached, patient and joyful. Sounds like a great place to visit, right?! As part of CLI's Personal and Professional Development Program, participants discover how to self-coach and coach others to magically reduce the Inferior and Superior Egos. These tools are very useful at home and work when we wish to build stronger relationships. What we have noticed is that it is both the Inferior and Superior egos which prevent us from achieving what we truly wish to achieve.  The doors to high achievement are locked!  However, by unlocking that door to personal power, wow, so many great things can happen in our world.  Try it.

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Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
Student Testimonial - CLI Mind-Kinetics Coach Training
CLI Mind-Kinetics® Coaching for Positive Thinking
Betska K-Burr: Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M)
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