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Lisa Chell, SCPC, CGPC, ACC, APC
Ultimate Clarity Incorporated

Lisa Chell, SCPC, CGPC, ACC, APC
Senior Certified Power Coach®

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Cell: 587-988-1435
11112-36A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6J 0E5
Skype Name: lisachell

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is responsible for managing people. Through working with Lisa I have increased my ability to handle both my own behavioral challenges and the challenges of others.

Given the amount of time we as managers spend managing people, we should be working with a coach like Lisa who excels in this field.

KELLY D. WALLACE | Manager, Special Projects

PCL Construction Management Inc.

Edmonton District Office

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was looking for a something under my radar that was bugging me, holding me back. I could feel it but not name it, and therefore unable to get it out of my way. I heard Lisa speak about what she does and the tools used and it all sounded like just the thing I was looking for. I was not disappointed. With her help three glass ceilings were broken through, glass ceilings I was unable to name before we started. I am standing taller and moving faster as a result. Thank you Lisa

Joseph Seiler CPCC MCC (Master Certified Coach)

  Coaching Specialties
  • Speakers Resource
  • Relationships
  • Life Balance & Health
  • Families & Children
  • Executive, Team, & Business
  • Career
Delivery Methods
  • In Person
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Telephone
  • Skype/VOIP
  • English

  Coaching Credentials
  • Senior Certified Power Coach®
  • Certified Group Power Coach®
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC - ICF)
    Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC - IIC)
CLI Trainer Credentials
Other Credentials
  • Personally certified trainer/consultant in:
  • Tongue Fu!
  • ConZentrate
  • What's Holding You Back?
  • Network Naturally
  • Passion Test Facilitator and one on one coach

Quick Bio
  We are a speaking, training and coaching company committed and passionate about Coaching Leaders, Managers and Decision makers to lead with Logic and Heart!

Leadership begins with self and then powerfully spills over into all seven areas of life: Career, Intellectual, Social, Financial, Family, Health and Spiritual.

In the past, many leaders and decision makers lead from a place of authority instead of personal power. Personal power is developed when the manager/leader understands that self is the source of everything that is created in life. When they are the conscious creators of their environments, inside and out, they empower others to do the same. Self leaders in the new age of business use tools that develop whole brain thinking to innovate and create solutions and relationships through easy access of left brain and right brain, logic and heart.

Are you a manager, leader or decision maker that would love to have immediately usable communication, self coaching and peer coaching tools to create greater happiness and fulfillment in all 7 areas of life?

Are you ready to lead with both logic and heart, using the power of whole brain thinking?

Lisa is an Accredited Practitioner Coach with the International Institute of Coaching (IIC), coaching since 2009 and has clients in executive positions in municipal government, construction, healthcare, management accounting, telecommunications and private business.

Lisa is a number one best-selling author in the collaborative book Succeeding in Spite of Everything.

She is president of Ultimate Clarity Incorporated, a coaching, speaking and training company which specializes in working with leaders, managers and decision makers to lead with both logic and heart.

She combines communication and concentration training with her coaching skills to deliver immediately usable ideas and self coaching tools for better relationships at work and home.

She has over 25 years experience working in and now with government run organizations including healthcare and municipalities. Its this background which makes her uniquely in tune with the issues and challenges faced within this workplace environment. Its the reason shes hired frequently within organizations that have executive, middle management and frontline levels. Her approach covers all areas of life. In her experience, most clients who work on their workplace challenges and goals want to take their results and apply them to family.

Most importantly, Lisa is a proud mom of two daughters, Erika and Helena, and two sons, Kai and Liam and is happily married to her loving and brilliant husband Joel. Together they built their timber home in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a stones throw away from the Jasper National Park boundary. Her passion is to connect people to their purpose and to each other, through coaching, speaking and networking.

Coaching Experience
  The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. - Albert Einstein

This quote from Einstein has deep meaning for me as a coach. I, like you, work with my coach to see my challenges and goals from a different perspective and to find my own innovative solutions outside of my traditional way of thinking.
What Einstein is saying is that if you keep doing what youre doing, youll keep getting what youre getting.
The beauty of a coaching approach is the recognition that you already have your solutions inside of you. The coach is your partner, guiding you beyond the roadblocks, blinders and stories in your thoughts, to the place where your genius has the answers.
What I especially love is working with leaders who want to access the genius of both the left and right hemispheres of their brains to experience whole brain thinking. I call this leading with logic and heart.

"As the Manager of Community Social Development at the City of Grande Prairie, I had engaged Lisa Chell to provide group coaching to our staff. The Department had experienced a significant change in senior staff and had experienced a challenging, negative environment as a result of staff conflict. I chose Lisa because I believed that group coaching would provide an open, safe environment for department employees to air their concerns and move to resolution.
Lisa created the environment, set clear boundaries and engaged employees in a discussion on key values. She kept to the agenda and moved employees through a coaching process. This is quite distinct from a counseling process and ensured that all discussions were respectful and within a workplace context.
The results exceeded my expectations. The air was cleared and Department staff had a clear direction for the future. It was a positive, engaging process for all employees. I received feedback from employees stating that they were both relieved and grateful for the professional tone of the workshop. As a result of the group coaching our Department staff has developed clear protocols based on identified values and we have more engaged employees.
I would recommend Lisa, and the group coaching process as a valuable workshop to engage and support employees."

Donelda Laing
Community Social Development
City of Grand Prairie

Additional Training, Credentials, and Information
  Lisas an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a certified trainer/consultant in trademarked international communication methodology Tongue Fu! as well as ConZentrate, Whats Holding you Back? And Network Naturally by author Sam Horn.

A certified facilitator and one-on-one coach for The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, she guides people on the effortless path to discovering their life purpose.

She lives in Edmonton and Brule Alberta, dividing her time between two offices. She serves clients through tele-coaching and mentoring.

Shes been married more than 27 years and has raised four children. Her passions include swimming and water sports, a healthy vegan lifestyle, hand drumming and spending time in her mountain hamlet where she hikes and enjoys campfire evenings.

Her clients are attracted to her and value her for the ability to coach and mentor on whole life issues.

Contact Lisa Chell, SCPC, CGPC, ACC, APC
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