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CLI's Be A STAR Leader - Subconscious Coaching Model Demonstration

Learn the 5 secrets to being the driver of positive change and growth for yourself and for your organization. Watch a live demonstration of the power of CLI's Science of Mind-Kinetics in Coaching. Find your subconscious blind spots.

CLI Holiday Greeting 2016

CLI Mind-Kinetics Coaching for Leadership Excellence - Betska K-Burr

Secrets Of Success with Executive Coach John Burr

Executive Coach John Burr Co-President at www.coachingAndleadership.com interviewed by Ken Keis

Betska K-Burr interviewed by Gina Hiatt - The Power of Group Coaching

Betska K-Burr speaks at Global Leadership Summit Hosted by Daryl Keeley

Holiday Greeting - Coaching and Leadership International - 2015

CLI's 2015 Holiday Greeting, CLI-Global 2015 Holiday Greeting

Be Empowered and Empowering

Empower Yourself, Your Clients and Everyone, time and again and again...

The Journey to Life, Business and Executive Coaching with Audrey Beach and Betska K-Burr

Betska k-Burr (International Executive and Life Coach and Co-President at www.coachingAndleadership.com) interviewed by Audrey Beach (Executive Coach and Principal of CoachCertifications.com) Learn many reasons why we're unique and Why Come to CLI for your Coach Training?

Betska K-Burr: The Guru Coach, International Executive and Life Coach, Interview with James Bean

Highlights from Betska's latest book 'The "God" in Coaching – The key to a Happy Life'. Business & Executive coaching and life coaching - find your goals, live a more balanced life.

Betska K-Burr Shares Important Notes About Hiring an Executive Coach

How to be Executive Coaches and Life Coaches, Interview with Betska K-Burr, Bucharest September 2014

Coach Training and Learning Resoruces by CLI. Check out personal development tools such as The Brain Walk® or Noble Life Card Games etc.. and become an innovative thinker to solve problems faster. Betska K-Burr interviewed at her new book launch in Bucharest Romania. She discusses CLI's Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics.

An introduction to Coaching and Leadership International Inc from Vancouver Island, Canada

The CLI mission is to research, develop and distribute masterful Mind-Kinetics® tools and programs which advance personal and professional leadership. The five key elements of CLI are: Training to become an executive and/or life coach, Corporate Programs, Personal executive and/or life Coaching, Become a Distributor/Franchisee and Learning/Self-Development Resources.

Betska K-Burr's Captivating interview with renown TV, Radio Host Simran Singh

Science, Spirituality and Universal Principles Merged in Betska's latest book 'The "God" in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life'.

Coach Lisa Chell interviews Betska K- Burr - The Guru Coach

Merging of science and spirit for permanent positive change.

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